Michaela Bridgemohan is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily with drawing, photography, and sculpture. She is captivated by the transformative flux with biracial identity and how gender constraints informs those spaces. Using her own body, she explores the spectral as an enigmatic phenomenon whose nature is inheritably dual and subaltern. 

Her work has been shown throughout Canada as well Internationally, including Artscape Gibraltar, Marion Nicoll, Art Commons, and the Queensland Conservatorium and The Jugglers ArtSpace in Brisbane Australia. She also participated in the Feminist Art Collective Residency in Toronto Ontario funded by the Alberta Foundation For The Arts. 

Artist Statement 

Transitioning away from the voyeur to a confrontational nature, Michaela’s artistic practice negotiates identity as a site to evoke presence instead of absence. Mediums such as evocative objects, embroidery, photography and charcoal drawings acts as a spectral trace. To connect imagery from a personal lens of trauma, social and animal/nature. Racial erasure is the trauma, the social is the dynamics of power within the feminine ideological experience while the animal and nature is to depict the disruption of identity and order. These spaces are uninhabited within the dualities of race and sexuality. To become pronounced, Michaela searches to reform those grey areas into a place of ownership than repressed. By emphasizing her difference as a biracial (Black Jamaican and Anglo-Irish Australian) female Canadian, Michaela hopes to emphasize her difference and repression so that the cultural and feminine projections become inescapable.

Identifying as an Intersectional Feminist, Michaela finds province with transculturalism, gender equality and sexuality awareness. By interacting with the fluidity of these subjects, the unexplored territory of the “other” creates a compelling and inclusive space for others.